Who are you?
I’m Schir. I’m a college student who enjoys reviews and analyses of media way too much, and I think I can contribute something to the discussion. Beyond that, I struggle with writing essays for school, and so want to use this blog as a means of getting better at getting a piece of writing finished on time. On the flip side, I know that people coming out of college have trouble with writing something concise when they need to, so I’ll be be trying to alternate between writing something really long and something really short.

That’s great and all, but what’s the point of this blog?
This blog’s for writing analytical essays about the media I enjoy and editorial pieces about the ways media could stand to be improved. I’ll also be trying to write the occasional essay about something I thought was cool or interesting. Beyond that, I want to see if I can write about niche topics that seem really academic and inscrutable and make them interesting and enjoyable for a wider audience.



The world’s a fascinating place. Let’s explore it.