Elaborating on the Ephemerality of Persona 5’s Dungeons

(audio version)

I just got this comment from WordPress userĀ The Otaku Judge:

I think the dungeon in P5 are better than those found in P4/P3. You have to actually think to get past obstacles rather than walk about on randomly generated floors. All that said I do wish that the dungeons were shorter, as SP is hard to come by.

This is a common sentiment, and I can definitely see where it’s coming from. Broadly, I agree with it, but I feel that it misses some important nuances about the totality of a game’s design. Here’s why:

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Unedited Rambling about Cinematic Games

What I’m saying in the above audio file is that there’s a fundamental issue with cinematic games. It’s disingenuous and insulting to both cinema and games. I guarantee you that if a game were to actually use cinematic techniques to create an experience that feels cinematic, it wouldn’t get billed as a cinematic game. It’d just be fucking good. Continue reading “Unedited Rambling about Cinematic Games”